RIIZE’s Seunghan Exposed Of Smoking On The Street When He Was A Minor

SM’s rookie group RIIZE member Seunghan is embroiled in suspicion of underage smoking

An account on X (formerly Twitter) recently released an article saying, “RIIZE’s Seunghan smoked a cigarette while walking on the street in Japan when he was a minor”.

The controversy raised by Japanese netizen A is making fans demand Seunghan’s withdrawal from the group.


A said, “Seunghan came to Japan for the first time for SMTOWN Concert. At that time, Seunghan was still a minor and he smoked on the street”.

They emphasized, “Even though he was a foreigner, smoking when he was a minor is still considered illegal”.

In addition, A also released an evidence photo showing Seunghan smoking. They also pointed out that the wet tissue on Seunghan’s head was from a restaurant in Japan.

seunghan riize

This is not the first time rumors about RIIZE Seunghan’s private life were revealed.

Earlier, Seunghan was embroiled in controversy over the leak of photos showing him lying in bed and kissing a girl before his debut. After that, Seunghan released his apology through RIIZE’s official account and SM also announced legal action against photo leaks and rumor spreaders.

Source: Insight

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