NMIXX members prove their outstanding visuals but the lineup arrangement is controversial

NMIXX appear with amazing visuals, but Knet is still upset because "new generation Tzuyu" is pushed to the end of the line.

After a short break due to a member of the group infected with the virus, NMIXX‘s official public press conference was finally held on March 1st.

In the press conference images published by the press, NMIXX continues to show off their outstanding visuals, excellently continuing the tradition of JYP‘s beautiful female idols.

Photos taken by the press are often a nightmare for idols because they are unedited and not taken from the suitable angels. Moreover, NMIXX is a rookie who is easily worried and lacks confidence in front of the media. However, the girls are very confident, they prove to be very professional from posing to expressions, producing impressive photos and showing off their dazzling charisma.

NMIXX‘s visuals are well known to Knet, so it’s no wonder that all these photos have received a lot of praise. Every time Knet sees NMIXX, Knets can’t help praising the members and especially admiring JYP‘s ability in finding pretty girls.

However, the group’s arrangement of the lineup when taking photos is controversial. Through the photos, it can be seen that the center position is being alternated between Jinni and Kyujin. Visual Sullyoon, who has received a lot of love from the public in the past few days, is pushed to the end of the line. This created a lot of mixed opinions. In the end, who is the most deserving person to stand in the center position?

– Jinni is really pretty.

-The whole group is so pretty. They’re already this pretty at their debut, they are going to be insanely gorgeous in the future.

– Sullyoon is really pretty.

– All the members have excellent visuals. I want to see the group’s stage on a music show soon.

– Sullyoon doesn’t get to be the center, while she’s obviously the prettiest. I really don’t understand why she’s not the center.

– Seriously, where does JYP find such pretty girls?

– Kyujin is the best, Sullyoon is pretty too but her expression is so awkward that it doesn’t suit the center.

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