Seventeen Seungkwan updates whereabouts after suffering a hard time due to the leaving of his best friend Moonbin

Seventeen member Boo Seung Kwan (Seungkwan) revealed his current situation after a long time.

On April 29th, Seventeen’s agency Pledis Entertainment announced, “Seungkwan will unavoidably participate flexibly in the schedules related to Seventeen’s 10th mini album ‘FML’ due to poor health condition. We would like to apologize to fans and ask for your understanding.”


On May 7th, Seventeen wrapped up their promotion by winning No.1 on SBS’s “Inkigayo” with the title song “Super”.

Later, Seventeen members expressed their feelings through a post on the group’s official Twitter account, saying “Thank you so much for giving us No.1 on ‘Inkigayo’. We really appreciate your support and love for the past two weeks. We love you”. 

At dawn on the same day, a photo of Seventeen’s regular meeting was released. In particular, Seungkwan, who was recently absent from several group activities as he felt unwell after the passing of his close friend Moonbin, also appears in the picture.

The regular meeting is the dinner that Seventeen members meet separately from their official schedules. However, there are rules, such as dress code and all members are required to attend.

Seeing Seungkwan’s appearance at the regular meeting, netizens and fans left supportive messages for him, saying “I’m happy to see him with a brighter face”, “Seungkwan ah, stay strong”, “I hope Seungkwan walk on a flower path”, “I hope he will stay strong”, etc.

Meanwhile, Seungkwan and Moonbin are known as 98-line best friends in the entertainment industry.

Source: Insight

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