“We Can’t be Active as TWICE Forever”, Jeongyeon Reveals Realistic Insight 

The sincere words of TWICE’s Jeongyeon in her interview with magazine Harper’s Bazaar is garnering attention. 

TWICE’s Jeongyeon recently appeared on the March issue of magazine Harper’s Bazaar, accompanied by a long interview. 

Here, the female idol not only revealed anecdotes about herself, but also mentioned other TWICE members and future plans with the group. 

One specific answer of hers regarding TWICE, however, is drawing attention. 

In particular, when asked “Can you believe TWICE is in its 10th year?”, Jeongyeon answered, “ it’s strange, right? I think so too. After we recently renewed our contracts, one of the members said, ‘How many more albums can we release as TWICE in the future?’.”


“We can’t be active as TWICE forever. Of course, it would be nice if we could, but there will come a time when we each have to walk our own paths. We discussed this while preparing for an album, so our mindset was different. It’s not a given that we can prepare an album together like now. Ah, talking about it makes me sad again”, she also added. 

In the past, Jeongyeon previously described TWICE as “more precious than family” and mentioned that the group will be together “for a long, long time” as she doesn’t want to lose them, making her recent realistic statement even more heart-breaking. 

On the other hand, Jeongyeon also mentioned the time she had to take a break from TWICE activities due to health issues, mentioning that she’s proud of herself for overcoming it. 

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