Sellers faced with criticism for hiking the late Moon Bin’s photocards 

Items containing Moon Bin’s image is being sold at three or five times higher than their initial prices a few months ago. 

Around one week ago, Moon Bin was announced dead due to a suspected suicide at his house. Colleagues in the industry entered a period of mourning in the wake of the news. They recently bid their last farewell to him in handwritten notes. 

Moon Bin’s photocards were sold at a sky-high price 

To cope with the situation, fans store memories of Moon Bin’s everyday smile and images through various means, one of which is photocards. However, aware of this growing need, some sellers took advantage of grieving fans and sold photocards of the idol at a shockingly higher price. Some were three or five times higher than its initial prices months ago. 

The price hike was faced with criticism. Fans believed this to be a disrespect to the deceased and called out the sellers for such despicable behaviors. Unfortunately, this is not unprecedented. In the past, “The Story Op. 1” LP version of SHINee Jonghyun was sold from 500,000 Korean won to 1.5 million won when the initial price upon release was 35,000 Korean won. 

Source: Billboardvn 

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