Lee Dong-gun Camly Recalls The Day His Younger Brother Passed Away

Lee Dong-gun shared his feelings in remembrance of his younger brother who died in an unexpected accident 15 years ago

On December 3rd, Lee Dong-gun told the story of his younger brother, who died in an accident 13 years ago, for the first time. Seeing the actor visit the cathedral to celebrate his brother’s birthday, the MC and cast of “My Little Old Boy” got emotional and shed tears.

Lee Dong-gun shared, “I can’t imagine how you would be at the age of 36 because you stopped at 20…”. Taking out pictures and videos of his daughter Roa, Lee Dong-gun said to his younger brother, “She has my face and also yours”, and promised, “I’ll take care of mom”.

Returning home, Lee Dong-gun had dinner with his mother and talked about his younger brother. Lee Dong-gun’s mother tearfully confessed, “We were very close. That’s why I felt very lonely after he passed away. I was so lonely”.

lee dong gun

Lee Dong-gun calmly recalled the past incident, saying “I didn’t have time to be sad that day after hearing the news. After about 5 seconds, I looked at my mom and dad… I didn’t know they were that heartbroken. Once I was sure that my parents were okay, the reality hit me”. The rating of the broadcast rose to 15,8% in this scene, recording the highest peak.

When MC Shin Dong-yeop asked, “What do you want to say to him if he came back for a while?”, Lee Dong-gun’s mother said, “I just want to ask… Why did you have to leave so early?”. Hearing that, everyone burst into tears.

In the preview at the end of the broadcast, the daily life of Lee Dong-gun spending a magical day with his daughter Roa drew attention.

Source: Daum

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