WJSN Da Young: “I’ve been a trainee since I was young, haven’t traveled abroad yet”

“School Trip” WJSN Dayoung shared how she is planning her first overseas trip.

On Dec 25th, on “After School Korea: School Trip” (directed by Jeon Se Gye, hereinafter referred to as “School Trip”, co-produced by E Channel and MBN), the MCs will talk about their travel styles while watching the “school trip” of Italian teenage students.

wjsn dayoung

In this episode, Da Young said, “I am planning to go on a trip to Japan with my parents. It will be my first overseas trip in my life.” The MCs were surprised to hear that it would be her first overseas trip, and Da Young said, “Our company doesn’t let us travel abroad… I came to the company when I was 13 years old. Traveling was difficult due to my trainee life, which began when I was still a child.” Da Young’s story gained the sympathy from her fellow idol, Kang Seung Yoon.

wjsn dayoung

The MCs also revealed their own travel styles. Eun Hyuk said, “I’m the type to make the most out of my trip,” adding, “I once went on a trip with the members, and Lee Teuk even had a nosebleed. I made a plan and we went according to it, but I thought it was a waste of time to eat. I’m not interested in finding good restaurants,” he said.

In response, Park Eun Hye said, “You don’t eat? “If you made them walk, shouldn’t you feed him?”. Park Eun Hye surprised Eun Hyuk and Kim Sung Won by saying that half of her travel is always staying at the hotel and half is sightseeing.

wjsn dayoung

Da Young said, “I’m a person who doesn’t make any plan,” adding, “I do have overseas schedules with the WJSN members, and my roommate is Luda. Luda acts according to her plan, which is divided into 15-minute slots. I play the role of a blunt husband who goes with her without saying anything,” she said.

In response, ‘Planning type’ Eun Hyuk said, “Many memories will remain if you plan. In the end, it was all memorable,” and Da Young responsed, “Honestly, thank you so much,” drawing laughter.

wjsn dayoung

Along with the travel plans of the MCs, the first school trip in Korea of a group of Italian students will be revealed on “School Trip” on Dec 25th at 9:20 p.m. on E Channel and MBN. The show can also be found on major OTTs such as TVing, Wavve, and Watcha.

Source: OSEN

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