Netizens talk about ITZY Yeji and Stray Kids Seungmin’s supposed Lovestagram

The supposed to be lovestagram of ITZY Yeji and Stray Kids Seungmin recently caught the public’s attention!

Not long ago, rumors of ITZY Ryujin dating NCT Haechan resurfaced, attracting the attention of netizens. While the rumor of center Ryujin was still a hot topic, another member of ITZY was said to be dating. It’s Yeji.

Specifically, a netizen recently posted an article on Pann Nate with the title: “Isn’t this ITZY Yeji and Stray Kids Seungmin’s lovestagram?” The OP wrote: “ITZY Yeji and Stray Kids Seungmin both used the same emoticons on Instagram on the same day. So I tried searching around on egg accounts (Twitter anonymous account) and it seems to be a lovestagram?”

yeji seungmin

Other netizens joined the online community and commented:

  • But can the emoticons be that coincidental? Those are even posted on the same day.
  • Seungmin won’t be that obvious. He is very considerate and always thinks about how his action will affect and be seen by others. That’s why he will be even more careful with these kind of things.
  • How to trigger a Stay!
    • You can’t decide whether it’s a bully case or not. That’s JYP’s view. My happiness started the moment I know about Hyunjin. That’s what I am. I hope you delete this post, but please get to know more about Hyunjin~ I become a fan since Kingdom. Just a short moment but I’ve fallen for him. And I love him so much now.
    • If you actually care and find out about Hyunjin more, you will know Hyunjin is not a bad kid. There’s no need to decipher whether he’s a bully or not. It’s just something happened between friends in middle school, and I believe they remember it differently which led to a misunderstanding. There’s no need to dig into this furthermore.  Hyunjin is a really good kid. The fact that he’s hardworking, he sincerely loves his fans is hard to ignore. That’s why I support him. Please understand why fans haven’t left him yet.
  • I’m other group’s fan ㅋㅋㅋㅋbut this is nonsenseㅋㅋㅋㅋSo if you use the same things then you are dating?

Source: Pann Nate

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