Fantagio Tried To Make Money Off the Late ASTRO’s Moonbin? Fans Call for Boycott

The late ASTRO’s Moonbin’s memorial is being commercialized by Fantagio, said fans

After the passing of ASTRO’s Moonbin, his former agency, Fantagio, initially set up a memorial for the late idol in the company building. Later on, the memorial was moved to the Gukcheongsa temple.

However, Fantagio announced on December 1 that Moonbin’s memorial will be operated in Seonunsa Temple, which is located 4 hours away from Seoul, from that day onwards. The agency also mentioned that fans who come from faraway will be provided with free meals, and that they should pre-book a stay at the temple. 

astro moonbin

In addition, Moonbin’s memorabilia, alongside letters from his friends, will be displayed at the new memorial, and the temple is known to have encouraged visits from travelers. 

Regarding this, fans have shown dissatisfaction and alleged Fantagio of trying to make money of Moonbin’s memorial. According to them, the agency is putting Moonbin’s life on display as if it was an exhibition, and on top of that, is known to have signed a business agreement with Seonunsa Temple in September 2023 in the name of “developing the Kpop cultural industry”.

astro moonbin fantagio

As a result, fans have called for a boycott against Fantagio, demanding the agency to return the late idol’s prized possessions to his family, stop the exhibition, as well as allow Moonbin to rest in peace. 

Currently, they are also trending the hashtags #판타지오_보이콧, #판타지오_명확히_해명해, and #Fantagio_boycott.

On the other hand, Fantagio claimed that they moved Moonbin’s memorial due to the old temple being hard to navigate and needing a permanent space to commemorate him. 

Source: Koreaboo, Twitter

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