“I-LAND 2” with Producer Teddy Set to Premiere in April Next Year 

‘I-LAND 2’ is confirmed to air in April 2024, with producer Teddy, after a global audition tour spanning 10 countries by CJ ENM

The project, titled ‘I-LAND 2 : N/a,’ has unveiled a new teaser video, emphasizing its unpredictable diversity represented by the fusion of ‘N’ and the infinite possibilities of ‘a’ (alpha).

Season 2 of Mnet’s ‘I-LAND 2 : N/a’ aims to captivate global viewers with its innovative format, strong planning, and production expertise. 

i land2

Renowned producer Teddy, listed among the ’50 Greatest Producers of the 21st Century’ by Billboard in 2021, joins as the master producer. The project is expected to bring a new wave to the K-pop music scene.

The girl group formed through ‘I-LAND 2 : N/a’ will be under CJ ENM’s label Wake One, known for managing various successful artists, including the double-million selling rookie boy group, ZEROBASEONE. 

The production team expresses dedication to breaking new ground in the K-pop scene in 2024 and invites fans to witness the birth and debut of a groundbreaking K-pop star.

Notably, the first season of ‘I-LAND’ in June 2020 birthed the boy group ENHYPEN, garnering attention for its unique narrative, depicting the competition and growth of participants with dreams of debut. 

The show’s format earned international recognition, becoming a finalist in the ‘non-scripted entertainment’ category at the Emmy Awards. The much-anticipated ‘I-LAND 2’ is scheduled to premiere in the first half of 2024.

Source: daum

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