BTS was insulted for wanting to win Daesang, will TXT share the same fate when “having a big dream”?

Recently, TXT has an official public showcase for their debut. During the showcase, TXT members frankly answered questions about the future of the group.

On March 4, TXT released the first mini album The Dream Chapter: STAR and the music video for the impressive CROWN title song. The leader Soobin said the group wanted to win the rookie award this year.

In response to a reporter’s question about the upcoming goal, TXT leader Soobin frankly expressed his desire to receive a rookie award because he could only receive it once in his life. The male singer affirmed that there are currently many outstanding rookies so TXT will have to work hard.

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TXT has just released its first product and received a good response from the audience.

This goal reminds netizens of the speech of BTS leader RM – from 2016: “Daesang. I have never dreamed about this before. In the old days, I thought holding a concert at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena and winning the # 1 trophy on the national channel would be enough. Now we are at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, we are more ambitious, we want to win the Daesang Prize “. This bold statement from RM made him receive a lot of sarcasm from Knet at that time.

Also, around that time, RM was described by Knet with words like “wishful thinking”, “poor kids do not know where they stand” and some hateful phrases like “ambitious country kids” to criticize the dream of winning Daesang of the group. It was a time when A.R.M.Y could not forget when the idol was despised even though there is no limit to a dream.

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BTS’s leader used to have a controversial speech about wanting to win Daesang in 2016

Meanwhile, member Yeonjun shared: “Since debut, holding a concert is the biggest dream of our group and I also hope TXT will success in the overseas market”.

With this bold sharing, whether TXT will be like their senior, being criticized by Knet for “dreaming too high”? The answer is no! Big Hit of 2019 is a lot different from Big Hit of 2016. They are no longer a small company for their artists to be despised as before. Having the right plans, stable music style and talented idol groups, the company will surely turn TXT’s dream into reality.

Soobin shared about the dream of winning rookie awards and conquering the foreign market of the group.

Yeonjun also mentioned their seniors and said “BTS is my whole sky”. He also expressed his appreciation for being mentioned by BTS in a program in late 2018.

Just recently debuted for a few days, TXT’s achievements have made many people respect. The future is unknown, but it’s a good sign that the group has received such support right from the first steps. Wishing you TXT much success on the road to win the Rookie Award this year!

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