Ryu Jun-yeol Admitted To Dating Han So-hee But Denied Cheating Rumors

Actor Ryu Jun-yeol admitted to dating Han So-hee and stressed that his rights were being violated.

On March 16, the actor’s agency C-Jes Studio admitted to his dating rumors, saying, Ryu Jun-yeol has confirmed his feelings and has been dating Han So-hee since the beginning of this year.” It denied rumors of him cheating on Hyeri, saying, “Ryu Jun-yeol got to know Han So-hee after his breakup and recently started dating her.”

han so hee-ryu jun yeol-hyeri

“We asked you to respect his privacy rather than officially confirm his relationship after the unauthorized filming and sightings at the travel destination, but when we did not admit his dating, unnecessary misunderstandings and speculations were rampant yesterday and today, and the actor’s personal rights are seriously violated,” it stressed. “In the future, we will not give a position to requests to reveal and prove details of his personal life for the minimum protection of the actor’s personal rights.”

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