Enhypen Jungwon criticized for his remark on a live, “Fans coming to the fanmeeting tomorrow are those who didn’t do their CSAT exam well”

Enhypen Jungwon received criticism for his remark towards the CSAT test-takers.

On November 18th, Enhypen turned on a live broadcast to communicate with their fans through Naver V Live. The members said, “Let’s have fun tomorrow” and raised high expectations for their fanmeeting to be held on November 19th.


In addition, since the live broadcast was on the same date as the 2022 College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT), fans who are test-takers were also mentioned.


The members said, “Did you do well on your CSAT exam? You all have worked hard”, to encourage fans. Then, Sunghoon said, “Are there any CSAT test-takers coming to our fanmeeting tomorrow?”

Other members replied, “The fanmeeting is on the next day right after the SAT exam”, “You’ve done your test well, so it’s okay to come and enjoy (the fanmeeting)”. After that, Jungwon smiled and commented, “But people coming to the fanmeeting tomorrow are those who didn’t do well on their CSAT exam, right?”. The members were startled by Jungwon’s remark. They stayed silent for a why then asked, “Why?”


Sunghoon said, “You don’t have to do it well. You can come here (the fanmeeting) to get comfort and encouragement”. Jungwon added, “CSAT is not important.” After Jungwon greeted fans, “Anyways, we hope to see you smiling happily tomorrow”, the live broadcast ended.

However, Jungwon’s remark later spread on all online communities and SNS sites and received intense criticisms from Internet users. Many fans are studying hard while enjoying their life as a fan. However, this remark was like looking down on their fans’ hard-working effort in studying as if fans like idols, they would ignore their studying.


After watching the video, netizens criticized Enhypen Jungwon, saying, “How could you think of your fans like this?”, “Many fans are studying well and also enjoying their life”.

However, many people raised opinions suggesting people refrain from giving excessive criticisms since Jungwon’s remark was just a slip of the tongue, saying, “I think he just made a small mistake while joking”, “Maybe he thought fans might not have done their CSAT well because they were so excited about the fanmeeting”.

Enhypen debuted last year and is gaining popularity as a KPOP rising star by leading various global charts, such as Billboard and Oricon. Enhypen’s 2nd fanmeeting “EN-CONNECT : COMPANION” will be held at KBS Arena Hall in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, at 7 P.M on November 19th.

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