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Jo Jung Suk is now a fool for his daughter: “Everything is pretty, even her poo” (“Yoo Quiz”)

Actor Jo Jung Suk, who married singer Gummy in 2015, revealed how he has turned into a fool for his little daughter.

On Dec 28th, the production team of tvN’s entertainment program “Yoo Quiz on the Block” (hereinafter referred to as “Yoo Quiz”) uploaded a preview of its next episode, which will be aired on Jan 4th.

MC Yoo Jae Seok said about Jo Jung Suk, who appeared as a guest, “He is a typical church boy. He is famous for playing the guitar, singing well, dancing well, and being loyal,” he praised.

Jo Jung Suk you quiz

Jo Jung Suk said, “Sometimes people ask me to sing at their weddings, but if something happens, the person who lives with me (Gummy) goes instead.” Yoo Jae Seok admired, “She goes instead of you but it’s Gummy so...” and Jo Jung Suk laughed, saying, “They even like it more.”

Jo Jung Suk married singer Gummy in 2018 and held his first daughter in his arms in August 2020.

Yoo Jae Seok introduced, “Jo Jung Suk has become a father,” and Jo Jung Suk said, “Her poo is pretty and everything is pretty. I was cutting her nails and when she bled, my world seemed to collapse.

Jo Jung Suk you quiz

Jo Jung Suk shared, “There is no part-time job that I haven’t done in the past due to my difficult circumstances.

Meanwhile, Jo Jung Suk appeared in tvN “Hospital Playlist” season 2 last year following season 1 in 2020 as Lee Ik Joon.

His next work has not been confirmed yet. At the moment, Jo Jung Suk is positively considering the offer to appear in the new historical drama “Spy.”

Source: Newsen

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