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“Running Man” members who’ve been running hard for 4,389 days… Memory trip full of tears and love

SBS’ “Running Man”, which is scheduled to air on July 17th (Sunday), will unveil a special memory trip that looks back on the 4,389-day long race.

In the recent recording, the members conducted a mission called “History Journal Running Man” to look back on the history of “Running Man“. Receiving unexpected memory recall quizzes, the members seemed preoccupied, exclaiming, “I don’t remember!”

Starting with the race where “Kkang Kkang couple” Yang Se-chan X Jeon So-min joined for the first time, when legendary episodes such as “Kkang Kkang Land” and “Mystery Chase” were summoned one by one, the members were immersed in memories, saying, “I remember that time.”

Running Man

The eldest brother Ji Suk-jin, who was immersed in emotions, made the scene a sea of laughter by leaving affectionate words of blessing, “Let’s love and cherish each other a lot.”

The memory recall race of the members, who cried and laughed at the same time at one penalty, can be seen on “Running Man”, which is scheduled to air at 5 PM on Sunday, July 17th.

Running Man

Source: Daum

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