Areum – Seo Ju-won, stars who admitted to dating other people before finalizing their divorces

Some celebrities admitted to dating other people before finalizing their divorces

Former T-ara member Areum recently revealed her new partner while still going through a divorce. On Dec 10th, Areum shared through her SNS that she had found someone she wanted to be with, even though she is in the midst of a divorce. Areum mentioned the challenges she faced and expressed her intention to enjoy life moving forward. She also clarified that she plans to register her marriage with her new partner once the divorce proceedings are over.

seo joo won

Similarly, Seo Ju-won, who divorced YouTuber Aori last year, admitted to dating someone else before finalizing the divorce. In February, Seo Ju-won appeared on the “Detective Caracula” channel, denying that infidelity was the cause of his marriage breakdown. He stated that the divorce was due to personality differences and differing values in life. Seo Ju-won acknowledged dating another woman before officially stamping the divorce, but he emphasized that the divorce was not solely due to infidelity.

While dating during divorce proceedings may be considered misconduct in some cases, legal experts note that if both parties have a clear agreement on divorce and the marital relationship has completely ended before starting a new relationship, it may not be problematic. However, there are situations where divorce and adultery lawsuits may proceed depending on the circumstances.

Source: Daum

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