Ex-T-ara’s Areum Confidently Reveals Ongoing Divorce and Plans for Remarriage 

Areum opens up about divorce, battles postpartum depression, and announces remarriage plans with newfound strength

Former T-ara member Areum, who had expressed suicidal thoughts due to severe postpartum depression, declared a strong response to malicious commenters while simultaneously announcing her ongoing divorce lawsuit and plans for remarriage with her new boyfriend.

On December 10th, Areum shared a photo with her boyfriend, captioning, “Someone I want to be with has appeared by my side.”


Areum said, “Even before knowing someone I love, I lived in so much pain. It can’t be specified, and there are many proofs I can’t show, but I won’t because he was the father of my children.” 

She went on to reveal, “I haven’t gotten a divorce. It’s been a divorce for several years, but it hasn’t been stamped legally.”

She continued, “But I won’t give up. Because someone I love is protecting me, I am just trying to enjoy life. I’m making a lot of effort to protect my children with good memories together.”

Still in the process of finalizing her divorce, Areum confidently introduced her new boyfriend, “The definition of cheating is loving one person while also loving someone else. I gave birth to my second child alone and struggled for a long time.”

She emphasized, “As soon as the lawsuit is over, we will register our marriage. We have promised to get married.”

Lastly, Areum gave a warning to hateful commenters, “I will strictly punish speculative and malicious comments in the future. Those who don’t know the circumstances will be criminally punished.”

Meanwhile, in July 2012, Areum debuted by joining the group T-ara but left after only a year. In 2019, she married Kim Young-geol, a non-celebrity businessman.

Last year, she appeared on the Tving original series ‘Between Marriage and Divorce,’ where she openly discussed her tumultuous married life. At the time, Areum revealed that she was contemplating divorce, and Kim Young-geol expressed his perspective, saying, “If we feel bad at any moment, we talk about divorce,” and “I think sometimes you have to get hurt badly; divorce is no joke.”

Particularly, Areum stated, “Even aside from emotions, I don’t want (sexual relations). It’s definitely not because of the baby.” A counselor commented, “Areum’s mental state is serious. Her suicidal thoughts are at a level where she may need care in a mental hospital.” In response, Areum shared, “When I go to the bathroom, I sometimes think, ‘Can I die from that?’ At those times, I am scared of myself.”

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