When Kpop idols send love messages to their fans: One song for thousands of promises

Fans have a number of ways of express their love to idols. Similarly, the way Kpop idols show their love to fans are not less sweet at all.

In every fan’s eyes, their idol is everything. In an idol’s eyes, he is nothing without his fans. Honestly, the love of idols for their fans is also as big and sweet as their fans’. To mark this special relationship, every idol group has their own way that’s different from others. One of the ways which are selected by most of idols, is “fan-song” – a song exclusively written for their fans because they are the pride of every fandom.

“Fan song” can convey love, thank you, apology messages or simply a cheer as well as encouragement. No matter what messages it conveys, “fan song” is still a very special song which is the only one in Kpop. So, let’s see how sweet the songs Kpop idols sent to their fans are!

BIG BANG – “Last Dance”

The five members of BIG BANG gathered one last time before T.O.P’s military enlistment and gifted V.I.Ps this heartfelt letter where they asked them to await their return and remember them until they return. BIG BANG also released a fan version of their song “Dirty Cash” in 2006

Two! Three! (Still Wishing There Will Be Better Days) – BTS

BTS idol group is well-known for their extremely deep love for ARMY. They started from a negative number, so obviously, BTS understand that there is no royal flower-strewn road to success. In those times when we want to give up the most, what we need are only encouragements and motivations. “It’s ok come on when I say 1, 2, 3 forget it. Erase all sad memories, hold my hand and smile. Hoping for more good days”. That’s the emotional message that BTS wants to convey to every ARMY around the world through their song named “Two! Three!”.

One In A Million – Twice.

“When you keep getting annoyed, look for me. Even on days filled with happiness, come to me” – Twice hope that Once always remember them whenever they are happy or sad. Above all, “Once In A Million” is a special song to encourage anyone who is lost.

Milky Way – VIXX

Ravi and Hyuk cooperated to write meaningful lyrics for “Milky Way”. “Girl, you are my starlight. Girl, I am your starlight”. They compare their fans as the starlight of their success, exactly as their fandom’s name – Starlight.

April 19th – A Pink

19th April was the day that A Pink officially appeared in Kpop race. To A Pink as well as Pink Panda, it was a very meaningful day. Therefore, the group leader Chorong chose “April 19th” to be the title for their own composing song. “April 19th” is a sincere thank you that A Pink wants to send to Pink Panda: “Thank you very much. We went to shout out that we love you very much”.

Promise – EXO

“Fan-song” will be more meaningful if it is written by idols for their fans. To EXO-L, “Promise” is such a special song. “Promised” was composed by Lay, while its lyrics was written by Chen and rap was done by Chanyeol. When “Promise” was sang out loud in EXO’s concert, the stadium was filled of tears due to the promises of the boys to their fans. “I’ll promise you, I’ll always make you smile, as our promise, we are one”.

0805 – SNSD

9 years is a very long journey to SNSD as well as their fans. To mark this special anniversary, SNSD published “0805” composed by Sooyoung to send their promise to Sone that “Let’s be together until the end, we are again and again and again, I will keep it like the promise on that summer day”.

Healing – Seventeen

“Healing” is a thank you message from Seventeen to their Carat. Thanks to Carat, Seventeen are encouraged during their busy schedules. Thanks to Carat, Seventeen are able to take a rest, to heal, to have more strength. So are Carat. Let’s see Seventeen boys’ smiles through the MV “Healing” and ease your tiring soul!

Goodbye – 2NE1

The “fan-song” from 2NE1 to Blackjack was sadly a good bye. 2NE1 ended their 7-year journey with “Goodbye”- a touching song. However, goodbye is not the end forever. Their fans are still waiting for a day of their reunion as what they sang: “Goodbye goodbye, until the faraway day when we meet again”

Never Letting Go – Mamamoo

“I won’t let you go. I promise you, me too, for always I love you too” – that’s what Mamamoo promised their fans through the song “Never Letting Go”. This is considered as the “signature song” of MooMoo because nearly all of their fans know it by heart.

Every “fan-song” is not only a meaningful gift for fandom but also a sincere thank you message that Kpop idols want to send to those who have been supporting them. No matter they will disband or continue working, these songs are beautiful memories between fans and idols.

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