An actor-singer couple suddenly reported the news of their wedding today… The two are already enjoying their newlywed life

Actor Kim Sun-hyuk (45) and singer Joo Hee (37), a former member of the mixed vocal group 8eight, surprised everyone with their sudden wedding announcement.

On October 4th, JTBC Entertainment News announced that Kim Sun-hyuk and Joo Hee had held their wedding ceremony somewhere in Seoul on October 1st.

kim seon hyuk joo hee

According to the report, the two are currently busy moving to their newlywed home, and their wedding was attended by their family members and close acquaintances only. 

Kim Sun-hyuk debuted in SBS’s drama “Gourmet” in 2008 and has starred in various works, such as “Rosy Lovers”, “So I Married The Anti-Fan” and “Why Her”.

Joo Hee made her debut as a member of the vocal trio 8eight with Baek Chan and Lee Hyun in 2007. With their appealing voices and outstanding singing skills, the trio released hit songs such as “Without a Heart” and “Goodbye, My Love”, gaining popularity.

joo hee

On the other hand, there was misinformation that Joo Hee got married in 2019. At the time, she clarified, saying, “We’ve already broken up. I’m not upset, but I think I should correct the misunderstandings. It’s also polite to the other person.”

Source: wikitree

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