Writer Kim Eun Hee reveals her horror experiences during the research for “Revenant” production, “You must not look back”

Yoo Jae Suk got scared by the horror stories writer Kim Eun Hee experienced during the preliminary data research for “Revenant”.

On June 23rd, writer Kim Eun Hee and director Jang Hang Joon guested on the Youtube entertainment show “Pinggyego”. During their talk, Yoo Jae Suk asked Kim Eun Hee, “You must have done a lot of research while writing the script for this drama, right?”. In response, the writer said, “This time, I did more research on folklore rather than finding information about ghosts”.

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Revealing her personal experience, Kim Eun Hee said, “Before writing ‘Revenant’, I conducted research on a ritual called ‘dangje’, where the villagers collectively worship the local deity who protects the village. I attended a ‘dangje’ in a village near the seaside at night. I couldn’t see anything because it was very dark. There were only vague lights and murmuring sounds around me.”

She continued, “After finishing the ritual, the village head warned us, ‘From now on, you must not look back. If you look back, the devil will attach to you’. Since I couldn’t see anything in front of me so I wondered if I could turn around and call someone. However, no one looked back and everyone was facing forward. That was the scariest moment, and I put that story into ‘Revenant’.”

She went on to share another story. Writer Kim said, “I heard it from a close acquaintance. When they went to shoot in a rural area, they stayed at a women’s dormitory. Two members of the makeup team shared a room. They didn’t sleep next to each other, but as they fell asleep, each of them kept feeling that they were sticking to the other. While wondering why it happened, and couldn’t tell if it was a dream or not, they saw someone standing in front of them with a colored blanket. They got scared and woke up. However, the person next to them also experienced the same thing. Later, they found out that there had been an incident at that place where a man suffocated a woman to death with a blanket due to a love affair.” Upon hearing that, Yoo Jae Suk screamed and said, “Please stop”.

Meanwhile, writer Kim Eun Hee recently made a comeback with SBS’s drama “Revenant”, which aired the first episode on June 23rd. “Revenant” is an occult mystery thriller about the world of devils that appears when you open the door. It revolves around a woman who gets possessed by the devil and a man who can see the devil digging into five mysterious deaths.

Kim Tae Ri plays Goo San Young, a public prosecutor who is preparing for the 9th-grade civil service exam, while Oh Jung Se acts as Yeom Hae Sang, a folklore professor from a wealthy family who can see spirits and gods.

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