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“Running Man” Jeon So-min, losing her gaze to the bodyguard… “I got goosebumps”

Actress Jeon So-min lost her gaze to the bodyguard.

On the May 15th broadcast of SBS’ entertainment program “Running Man“, a race was held to select the luckiest person on the set with the greatest staff ever. PD Choi Bo-pil told Yang Se-chan, “The mission rules are a little complicated, so I’ll explain in advance. It’s the first ‘1/N’ game. We’re going to pick the luckiest person. The 7 members will perform missions that require luck to determine the ranking.”

Running Man

In the meantime, a bodyguard suddenly broke in and started dancing while taking off his shirt. Seeing this, Yang Se-chan could not hold back his laughter. PD Choi Bo-pil later said, “The delivery of the rules we just did was a pre-mission. I counted the time when the dancing bodyguard broke in. We’ll decide the final ranking, including all of them.”

Running Man

In particular, Jeon So-min was focusing on something strange, but screamed and rejoiced when the dancing bodyguard took off his clothes. She kept looking at him and made everyone laugh by saying, “What are you doing? I got goosebumps. Why did you remove hair? How can I concentrate?”

Running Man

Source: Nate

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