G-Dragon unexpectedly had a private dinner with Lisa and Elvis’s famous director

The public couldn’t help but be excited as G-Dragon (BIGBANG) and Lisa (BLACKPINK) went out with Elvis’ hit director.

Most recently, G-Dragon posted a photo taken with Lisa (BLACKPINK) and famous director Baz Luhrmann. It is known that this world-famous director is in Korea to promote the movie Elvis. Notably, actor Austin Butler, the male lead of Elvis, is also a close friend of Lisa. He used to accompany her to attend a high-end event of the Celine fashion brand.

The fact that these two famous K-pop stars and world-famous directors gathered together could not help but make fans excited. Previously, YG male and female stars were forced to keep their distance from each other. But now, BLACKPINK and BIGBANG are becoming more and more openly close. In June, Taeyang and Jisoo, Lisa also went to dinner together at a luxury restaurant. This has even sparked rumors that the two groups will soon have a collaboration, or at least Lisa and G-Dragon will have a new project with the famous director of Elvis.

g-dragon lisa
G-Dragon unexpectedly checked in with his cult junior Lisa and world-famous director Baz Luhrmann. He also humorously covered Lisa’s face with the famous Mona Lisa painting
Austin Butler – the male lead of the movie Elvis, is also a close friend of Lisa
blackpink bigbang taeyang
Although not from the same generation, BLACKPINK and BIGBANG have a very close relationship. Earlier in June, Taeyang, Jisoo, and Lisa went out to dinner together
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