The Instagram update with Kim Sae Ron the day before her drunk driving incident draws attention 

A day before she was under investigation for alleged DUI, Kim Sae Ron appeared on actress Kim Bo Ra’s Instagram. 

On May 17th, actress Kim Bo Ra posted a mirror selfie she took with Kim Sae Ron on her personal Instagram story. In the photo, Kim Sae Ron and Kim Bo Ra were hanging out together at a pop-up store in Seoul. It is uncertain whether the photo was taken on the same day or earlier. 

kim sae ron

The close friendship between Kim Sae Ron and Kim Bo Ra attracts attention again amid Kim Sae Ron’s DUI incident. Kim Sae Ron and Kim Bo Ra became close while filming MBC’s drama “Glamorous Temptation”. In addition, when she guested on JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers”, Kim Sae Ron revealed she was also close to AKMU’s Lee Su Hyun through actress Kim Yoo Jung

Kim Sae Ron’s friendship with After School’s Lizzy is also drawing attention. The two became close friends as they share the same interests, such as in animals. They have affection for abandoned dogs and cats, so they regularly visited shelters for abandoned animals to volunteer together. 

Coincidentally, May 18th, the day Kim Sae Ron was caught in a drunk driving accident, is known to have been exactly a year since Lizzy caused a drunk driving accident, making headlines. The same day last year, Lizzy was in a drunken state and crashed into a taxi near the intersection at the southern end of Yeongdong Bridge in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam, Seoul.

kim sae ron

At the first trial in October last year, the Seoul Central District Court’s 21st Criminal Division fined Lizzy 15 million won for violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment for Specific Crimes (Dangerous Driving Injury).

In the case of Kim Sae Ron, according to the police, she ran away after hitting a structure near Hakdong Intersection in Gangnam, Seoul, at around 8 a.m. KST today (May 18th). 

kim sae ron

After receiving her report, the police reportedly rushed to the scene and took a breathalyzer test on Kim Sae Ron, but she wanted a blood test and was then taken to the hospital. Police are now investigating the exact cause of the accident. 

Source: Wikitree

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