Yong Joon Hyung, who saw Jung Joon Young’s videos, “I wasn’t a member of the group chat, is reflecting on the wrong conversation”

Yong Joon Hyung shared, “I was not a member of Jung Joon Young’s group chat.”

Yong Joon Hyung broadcasted a pre-recorded press conference to commemorate the release of his new solo album “LONER” at 4 p.m. on November 10th. Yong Joon Hyung will release his new song on various music sites at 6 p.m. on the same day.

Yong Joon Hyung

The new song signals Yong Joon Hyung’s return to his official activities about three years and eight months after “Jung Joon Young’s group chat scandal.” When asked if he felt any pressure making this comeback after the controversial incident, he said, “I tried very hard to perfect this album, thinking about the fans who are waiting for me. I tried hard to put in elements that fans would like. I was very worried, what if I don’t meet the fans’ expectations, but I hope you like it,” he replied.

Yong Joon Hyung
Jung Joon Young

Yong Joon Hyung said, “I didn’t belong to any ‘group chat’. However, I am fully aware that there was something wrong with the conversation at the time. It’s my fault that I couldn’t correct it. I will make sure to greet you only with good things in the future,” he confessed.

Yong Jun-hyung was embroiled in a controversy related to Jung Joon-young in March 2019. Jung Joon-young shared hidden camera footage and sexually explicit images in a group chatroom. Yong Jun-hyung was also confirmed to have a one-on-one chat room with his close friend Jung Joon-young and had inappropriate conversations there.

Jung Joon Young

Yong Jun-hyung, who denied the allegations immediately after the controversy broke out, admitted 3 days later and was questioned by the police as a witness.

Yong Jun-hyung, who not only committed unjust words and actions but also deceived fans and the public, eventually withdrew from his team Highlight on March 14th, 2019.


Jung Joon-young, Yong Jun-hyung’s close friend, was arrested and indicted on charges of gang-raping drunk unconscious women in 2016 along with former F.T. Island member Choi Jong-hoon. He was also accused of filming and sharing sexual images of his victims without their consent. Jung Joon-young, who was sentenced to 5 years in prison in September 2020, will be released from prison in October 2025.

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