SEVENTEEN’s The8 Faces Chaotic Airport Situation, Fans Point Fingers at HYBE

SEVENTEEN’s The8 got swarmed by crowds of fans at the airport 

K-pop fans usually gather at the airport to catch a glimpse of their favorite idols. The same thing happened with SEVENTEEN’s The8, but it wasn’t pretty. Fans surrounded him, snapping pictures, and some even threw inappropriate comments his way. He got overwhelmed, clutching his head and trying to navigate through the chaos.

SEVENTEEN’s been extremely busy touring without a break. The8, from a Japan concert on December 4, didn’t catch a break before jetting off to China. 

He looked tired after his flight, and from the looks of it, he had only a handful of staff tagging along – no security crew in sight. Fans are upset and venting their anger at Pledis Entertainment and HYBE. 

This isn’t the first time SEVENTEEN dealt with over-the-top fans at public appearances, but it seems like the company has still not learned from the past. Twitter’s buzzing with posts slamming the situation, demanding Pledis to step up and keep SEVENTEEN members safe.

Lately, HYBE’s security has been criticized by fans. Before The8, BTS’s Jungkook almost took a tumble at the airport. The security team seems a bit out of control, raising eyebrows.

As these artists get more famous, dealing with overly eager fans becomes the norm. Fans are hoping HYBE takes more measures in protecting their idols.

Source: K14

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