Lee Jun Ho Talks Romantic Chemistry with Yoona, “King the Land” Love Scenes, and More 

Lee Jun Ho appeared on JTBC’s program “Newsroom,” which aired on July 9th.

Lee Jun Ho said, “This is my first news interview. I was nervous. My photo was prominently displayed in the studio, so I felt grateful for the warm welcome.” 

Regarding the current success of JTBC’s drama “King the Land,” which topped the non-English TV category on Netflix, Lee Jun Ho said, “I tried to remain calm. People are saying the drama is interesting and addictive. I am grateful for those reactions.

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Reflecting on his acting chemistry with Yoona, Lee Jun Ho said, “I was curious about our acting synergy. The time we spent together in the past helped us during filming. It felt comfortable, and since it was my first time working with her as an actor, I think we were able to see each other’s professionalism.” 

When the anchor asked if there was a moment when he thought, “Yoona is truly an angel, I could fall in love,” Lee Jun Ho replied, “When I immerse myself in a role, I can’t help but have that feeling. Her actual smiling face is charming. When I was with her during a rescue scene, her smile melted my heart.”

So, how similar are the character Goo Won and the real Lee Jun Ho? When the anchor jokingly asked, “Would you say something like ‘Let’s go to my house’?,” Lee Jun Ho burst into laughter and said, “That’s not something I can easily say. But I think I can ask her to have a meal together.”

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Lee Jun Ho also talked about the highlights of the later part of “King the Land.” Lee Jun Ho hinted, “Their relationship will undergo a sudden change, and there will be significant changes for Goo Won. After that, you will be able to see the progress of their romance.” 

Regarding the love scenes with Yoona in “King the Land”, he said, “If you’ve been waiting for affectionate moments, I think you will enjoy them. If you’re a fan of this couple, I think you’ll be pleased.”

Lee Jun Ho has been active as an actor for a decade now. He said, “Nothing has changed. I feel like I’m the same. When I approach a drama, my appearance, the patterns I think of myself, and everything else haven’t changed. I’m grateful for the accumulating responses from fans.”

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Lee Jun Ho said his goal is to become an actor who people immediately want to look up when they hear his name. He radiated enthusiasm and spoke about the nickname “Ambitious Junho,” “There was a time when I couldn’t challenge anything. Thoughts about that dream were what motivated me. That’s why I like that nickname.

Lee Jun Ho debuted as a member of 2PM in 2009. With his growing acting career, he is receiving much love once again through “King the Land,” following his lead role in MBC’s “The Red Sleeves” in 2021.

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