Netizens Question NewJeans’ Outfits and Makeup At 2023 MMA 

Korean netizens raised their eyebrows at the weird outfits and makeup worn by NewJeans at the 2023 MMA

On December 2, the 2023 MelOn Music Awards (hereinafter referred to as 2023 MMA) was held with an astounding artist lineup, including NewJeans. As the famous girl group appeared on the red carpet, however, netizens can’t help but question the odd outfits and makeup choices. 

In particular, a topic including photos of each NewJeans member at the 2023 MMA was published in the Korean forum “theqoo”, and immediately gained almost 300 comments, most of them deeming NewJeans’ outfits and makeup as “confusing” and “busy”.

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According to the photos, it can be seen that contrary to the princess-like concept of other girl groups at the 2023 MMA, such as IVE and aespa, NewJeans was fully decked out in cargo pants, grunge tops, fur, and combat boots. 

Hyein, in particular, donned patterned leggings, a mesh crop-top, shorts, and a bomber jacket, while Haerin showed up in hoop earrings, black top with chunky shrug, and cargo pants. 

Danielle, meanwhile, wore a “Harley Quinn” makeup with double ponytails, cargo pants, as wel as a scene-stealing fur coat.

The situation is similar with Hanni, whose makeup greatly emphasized her eyes, and grey fur coat stole the gaze. 

Finally, Minji was covered in patterns from jacket, top, to leggings, making the female idol looked extremely busy,

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • Those leggings made it look like there was coca cola on the girls’ legs…
  • They look prettier without makeup. 
  • They are pretty, but it can be better. An awards ceremony is an extremely important occasion, but they are dressed and styled oddly. Haerin’s hair was so bad 
  • These looks gave me second-hand embarrassment. They would look much prettier in a more natural style
  • Why would the stylists do this to such pretty girls…
  • Everyone except Minji looked strange… Especially Haerin.. 
  • Hanni’s lens looked scary
  • I’m glad that I’m not the only one to find these weird…
  • The clothes… all of them looked so busy

Source: Koreaboo, theqoo

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