Sandara Park Shares Candid Story of Dating a Foreigner and Reveals Ideal Type 

Sandara Park confessed her ideal type while reminiscing about past dating experiences

On the November 17 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’, Sandara Park and Navi appeared as guests.

Navi shared her struggles, saying, “My son is 30 months old, and the terrible two period has begun. It’s a dangerous time, and I have to say ‘it’s dangerous, don’t do it’ to him all day long. I have to play with him physically until he goes to sleep after coming home from daycare at 4 pm.”

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Kim Tae-kyun asked Navi for advice as a senior in marriage, “Please give some advice to Sandara Park as her senior in marriage. Sandara Park’s ideal type is Choi Soo-jong, a true lover, an event planner, and a man with an F-type personality like Sean and Cha In-pyo.” 

Navi responded with a laugh, “That type of man doesn’t exist in reality. Choi Soo-jong is one of a kind. There are almost none like him. She might have to live alone.”

Nevertheless, Navi brought up a rumor she heard that Sandara Park is pursued by many men, to which Sandara Park responded, “I haven’t dated much because I love my work. I plan to work hard in the future.” Navi advised, “You have to date a lot to meet a good person.”

When asked if she has ever dated a foreigner, Sandara Park reminisced, “Yes, I have. I had a foreign boyfriend for a week in my school days. He gave me snacks at school and even did my homework.”

Sandara Park

When asked how she broke up with her foreign boyfriend after a week, Sandara Park revealed, “He flirted with me several times. I didn’t like it much, but he kept flirting consistently, so I got drunk on it. While eating fries at a shopping mall, he asked, ‘Would you be my girlfriend?’ and I said ‘yes.'” 

She continued, “We dated for a week, but there wasn’t any special feeling. I didn’t tell him ‘Let’s break up,’, and ended up only sending a text saying ‘cancel.’ So, the next day, he skipped school.” When asked if she sent the text in English, she affirmed, “It seems like I did.”

Sandara Park also shared that Filipino men are very romantic. “Filipino culture is like that. There’s a period where they put in all their efforts to date a girlfriend. Giving flowers, opening doors, and pulling out chairs are basic.”

To this, Navi commented, “It seems like men all over the world are like that. They make an effort to win over women’s hearts. Once they succeed, the passion cools down.” Navi revealed her husband’s struggles, “He is too tired from parenting, so it’s tough for both of us.”

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