Radiant Beauty of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Stunt Double in “The Idol”

Actress who is stunt double for BLACKPINK’s Jennie in “The Idol” is gaining fans’ attention. 

BLACKPINK Jennie’s acting debut has been creating much buzz. In HBO’s “The Idol,” Jennie plays Dyanne, a backup dancer for the main character Jocelyn (Lily-Rose Depp). Dyanne’s character conceals many mysteries and motives.


Despite having limited screen time, Jennie surprises viewers by revealing the use of a stunt double. In a scene, her stunt double’s face is  even unintentionally revealed. 

Actress Chelsea Fuji has confirmed her role in “The Idol” as Jennie’s stunt double in episode 2. Fuji stepped in for Jennie in a dance scene alongside Lily-Rose Depp in a nightclub setting. In certain scenes, viewers can clearly see Fuji’s face as Dyanne instead of Jennie’s.

On her Instagram account, Chelsea Fuji expressed her excitement about being part of “The Idol.” She also mentioned Jennie’s dedication during filming, “Jennie is incredibly busy with a packed schedule in Korea. Despite her injury, she worked hard.” It seems that an injury had made filming “The Idol” challenging for Jennie, necessitating the use of a stunt double.

Chelsea Fuji has frequently collaborated with the fast-food chain McDonald’s. “The Idol” marks her first major project where she had the opportunity to work alongside big names. Fuji has a striking resemblance to Jennie, albeit with a more voluptuous figure.

Source: K14. 

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