Daesung Reveals BIGBANG Has No Comeback Plans for the Future

Daesung confirms BIGBANG has no plans for a comeback or concert, focusing on solo activities.

In a recent episode of “ZIP Daesung,” BIGBANG’s Daesung opened up about the group’s future plans, providing fans with a rare glimpse into their current status and potential projects.

When asked if BIGBANG would be making a comeback, Daesung expressed uncertainty. “I’m really not sure if this will happen,” he said. 

We are all cautious when talking about a comeback, so this is not the right time to discuss it. However, a comeback is not out of the question. Currently, we are still monitoring and supporting each other’s solo activities.

The host further mentioned that many fans are eagerly anticipating a BIGBANG concert in the near future. Addressing this, Daesung was straightforward in his response: “No, we do not have plans to hold a BIGBANG concert. We have not discussed it yet. No one knows when that might happen. Even the members don’t know.

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