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ILLIT’s Wonhee Reveals She Was Cast at the Express Bus Terminal

ILLIT recently made a guest appearance on 'Knowing Bros'.

In the episode of JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’ that aired on March 25th, ILLIT was featured as a guest. To enjoy the 14th Hwaseong Boat Festival in advance, which will be held for three days from May 31st to June 2nd, ILLIT roamed around Hwaseong City with the hosts and went on a spring picnic.

ILLIT members paired up with the hosts and rode the cable car. Moka, the Japanese member of ILLIT, said she started her trainee life in middle school and came to Korea in high school. When Kang Ho-dong asked, “Weren’t you scared?” Moka confessed, “At first, I came with just anticipation. But once I arrived, I couldn’t speak Korean, and the other trainees were all good and pretty, so I was scared.

Moka continued, “So my personality changed. My MBTI used to be extremely E, but after coming to Korea, it completely changed to I.

Lee Sang-min asked Minju, “Do you have a life motto?” Minju replied, “‘This too shall pass.’ I’ve thought about this motto since I was young, and it helped me endure difficult times.” Lee Sang-min agreed, saying he had a similar motto and resonated with Minju’s words.

Yoona shared that she debuted after six years as a trainee and said, “Originally, my parents opposed me becoming a singer. My dad thought it was the first thing I wanted to do, so he decided to let me try.

Wonhee mentioned that she started her trainee life in her first year of high school and that her trainee period wasn’t long. She said, “I was in Seoul looking for a subway station when a man approached and cast me. At first, he didn’t give me his business card, so I thought it was a scam. I asked him if there was a way to contact him, and I debuted through a survival program.” Wonhee won first place in HYBE’s audition program ‘R U Next’ and debuted as an ILLIT member.

Afterward, the ILLIT members and the hosts enjoyed a spring sports event and a singing contest, spending a joyful time together.

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