SISTAR’s Remarks about Male Idols Resurfaces After Burning Sun Documentary

After the Burning Sun documentary unveiled the true nature and crimes of various male celebs, SISTAR’s past remarks are discussed again. 

Recently, a documentary about the Burning Sun sex scandal was released by BBC, drawing attention to the horrifying nature and crimes of various male celebrities – headed by former BIGBANG member Seungri. 

As discussion about Burning Sun heats up, many netizens also started to express vigilant towards male idols as a whole. Amid this, several past remarks of 2nd Gen girl group SISTAR started to resurface. 

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Particularly, back in 2016, SISTAR appeared on TV program “Star Show 360” and gave former I.O.I member Kim So-hye various advice regarding the entertainment industry. 

“Be careful of men. When you are a rookie, male seniors won’t leave you alone, but not all of them are nice people. Become a hermit, stay at home and don’t meet any men”, the girl group said with a serious tone. 

Such a statement becomes extremely true in the context of the Burning Sun case – where it is Seungri – a male idol with a huge reputation in the industry holding the reins and ruining the lives of numerous women with his sex crimes. 

As a result, discussions regarding SISTAR’s remarks also get active, with people not only showing vigilant towards other male idols, but also expressing concern over female idols debuting at younger and more vulnerable ages. 

Source: X, Krb

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