The 6 “visual” members of 4th generation girl groups boast their otherworldly beauty 

Six “visual” members from 4th generation groups who melted fans with their dazzling beauty. 

2022 is the so-called “Girl Group’s heyday”.

aespa, who debuted in 2020, IVE, December last year, NMIXX, LE SSERAFIM, and NewJeans this year, are performing amazingly on music shows and online charts.

They are called “fourth generation girl groups” and are receiving major attention and love from the public, taking over the reputation of third generation girl groups such as Red Velvet and TWICE.

Among them, these members are considered the 4th generation girl groups’ representative “visual line” with their especially noticeable beauty.

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung

IVE’s Jang Wonyoung is often called the representative beauty of idols with an overwhelming body proportion and beautiful beauty.

She is active as an ambassador and model for various brands, including Italian luxury brand Miu Miu.

Jang Wonyoung is also the MC of KBS’ “Music Bank” and shows off her “eight-color” charm. Fans are doing “LOVE DIVE” like the title of the group’s hit song.

aespa’s Karina 

aespa‘s leader Karina became a hot topic as soon as she debuted with her overwhelming beauty reminiscent of a CG.

She perfectly pulls off various hairstyles such as pigtails and “Full Bang” bangs, showing diverse and different charms from charisma to innocence and cuteness.

Karina is also considered as a wannabe figure for female teenagers by working out diligently in sports such as Pilates to get in shape.

aespa’s Winter 

aespa’s Winter is also considered one of the 4th generation girl group’s “visual line”.

Earlier this year, she worked as a girl group “GOT the Beat” for an SM Entertainment project and received great praise for perfecting the “Puka Hair”.

Winter is attracting fans with her cute and lovely charms, unlike her first impression of a “cold beauty”.


LE SSERAFIM’s Kazuha, who has a unique history of majoring in ballet before her debut as a girl group, is loved for her innocent appearance.

She boasts her clear skin and clear and neat impression, reminiscing about Suzy at the beginning of her debut.

Kazuha’s long, slender legs and amazing fitness of a ballet major are also considered attractive points.

NMIXX’s Sullyoon

Sullyoon, member of JYP Entertainment’s rising star NMIXX, called the “Girl Group Master”, shows off her deer-like beauty.

Sullyoon, who boasts perfect beauty since she was young, also showed flawless beauty in her elementary and middle school graduation photos released on JYP’s official Twitter last year.

Sullyoon was reported to have passed the three major entertainment agencies, namely JYP, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, drawing attention from fans.

NewJeans’ Minji

Minji, a member of the new girl group NewJeans under HYBE Labels’ subsidiary ADOR, draws attention by appearing on the HYBE’s girl group audition poster before her debut.

Minji shows off her diverse yet harmonious features and captures the attention of K-pop fans as soon as she debuted.

She delivers overwhelming beauty by letting her long straight hair flow on the performance stages for “Attention” and “Hype Boy”.

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