The Japanese remake of “My Love from the Star” released its trailer, netizens are not satisfied with the casting

The Japanese version of “My Love from the Star” released a trailer ahead of its airing, which is scheduled to be in February.    

My Love from the Star” is a drama about the miraculous romance of Do Min-jun, a man from outer space, and top star Chun Song-yi, a Korean Wave famous actor. The series was a huge syndrome when it aired in 2013, creating a Korean Wave craze not only in Japan but also in China.

my love from the star

The Japanese version of Do Min-joon will be played by Sota Fukushi, who has established himself as a rising star in Japan, and the top star Cheon Song-i will be played by model-turned-actor Mizuki Yamamoto. In an interview with the local media, Fukushi Sota said, “This is my second time playing an alien, but this casting offer was really surprising to me. I acted with as much respect as possible for the original, and there were so many scenes that I liked that I had a lot of fun throughout the filming process,” he said.

my love from the star japanese version

Mizuki Yamamoto, who played Chun Song-yi, said, “I felt quite pressured to play the role of a popular actress for the first time after receiving the casting offer, but after reading the script, I found it a little different from the original and wanted to play this role.”

my love from the star japanese version

In a short trailer of 1 minute and 30 seconds, it is confirmed that the main scenes of the original work, such as Do Min-jun riding a bicycle and Chun Song-yi singing while being drunk, are re-enacted. The apartment where Do Min-joon and Chun Song-yi live, which is the main background of the drama, is also similar to the original.

my love from the star japanese version
my love from the star japanese version

However, netizens who saw the trailer said, “I think it would be difficult to surpass the Do Min-joon and Chun Song-yi played by Kim Soo-hyun and Jeon Ji-hyun in the original version,” “I think other actors would look better in terms of image,” and “I don’t feel the vibe of the original drama, this casting is a miss to me.”

In Japan, there were more mixed reactions, such as “Chun Song-yi is a character who cannot simply be played just by a beautiful actor, wouldn’t another actor be more fitting?”  “The remakes always try to cut off many details from the original, so the fun is halved”, and “I hope you don’t destroy the original.”

Previously, ‘My Love from the Star’ was planned to be remade by ABC in the U.S, but was disappointingly canceled.  After several twists and turns, the remake is finally made in Japan, and interest is focused on whether it can live up to the expectations of fans of the original.

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