This student who went viral after a TV show, is now a prospective K-drama actress 9 years after

An acclaimed actress is drawing attention for her past appearance in the KBS program “TV Show Authentic Masterpieces”

In 2013, Choi Ri appeared in a school uniform on the KBS1 program “TV Show Authentic Masterpieces”, and immediately drew attention with her striking appearance. 

choi ri

Choi Ri, who introduced herself as a dance major student at the time, confessed while smiling brightly, “I came out as the representative of my family because I wanted to appear on TV.”

When she was 18 years old and a 3rd year student at the Korean National Traditional Arts High School, Choi Ri made her debut as an actress. 

In 2016, she received favorable reviews for her outstanding acting skills in the movie “Spirits’ Homecoming” and won the New Rising Award at the 53rd Grand Bell Awards.

choi ri

Since then, the actress has been praised for her stable performance in tvN’s “Birthcare Center” as the character Lee Roo Da. She has also made appearances in movies “Keys to the Heart”, “ Whispering Corridors 6: The Humming”, and dramas “Goblin”, “Witch at Court”, “Come and Hug Me”, and “My First First Love”. 

Most recently, she showed her rapidly improving acting skills through the 2022 historical drama “Blood Heart”. 

choi ri

Looking at Choi Ri’s appearance in the past, many people expressed appreciation, and commented that the actress looks just as youthful and gorgeous in the present. 

Source: daum

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