Actor Kang Dong Won will eventually set up a one-man agency

Actor Kang Dong Won delivered good news after ending his 7-year journey with YG Entertainment. 

According to a report by OSEN on January 19th, Kang Dong Won plans to establish a one-man agency instead of looking for a new management agency after his exclusive contract with YG recently expired. 

An official in the entertainment industry said to the media, “Kang Dong Won is preparing to establish his own company”, adding “Although the actor wants to help artists who have the same direction, he plans to focus on his career first”.

Kang Dong Won

In addition, Kang Dong Won is also aiming to set up a production company to develop scenarios and produce acting projects together with his one-man agency. At this production company, Kang Dong Won will be mainly in charge of producing instead of directing.

Kang Dong Won had previously been an actor under YG Entertainment for a long time. He signed with YG in 2016 and renewed his contract in 2019 and 2021. After seven years, Kang Dong Won decided to end his exclusive contract on the 30th of last month and make a new move.

Kang Dong-won

Kang Dong Won starred in the movie “Broker” last year and is currently working on the “Possessed (working title)” and “The Accident”. On January 18th, he was reported to be reviewing the casting offer for Park Chan Wook’s new Netflix film “Jeon, Ran”.

Source: wikitree

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