(Pann) Former JYP trainee Lee Chae Yeon is rumored to be an outcast on Produce48

A post on Pann has recently become the talk of the town for accusing Pledis trainee Lee Ga Eun of mistreating fellow Produce48 contestant Lee Chae Yeon.

This is what being an outcast really looks like

There was one person more than the necessary number in the “I Am” team, so one person unconditionally had to leave. In the end, it was either Ahn Yu Jin or Lee Chae Yeon who would leave the team. However, Lee Ga Eun openly told Ahn Yu Jin not to leave, so Lee Chae Yeon shamingly went out while crying.

(Pann) Former JYP trainee Lee Chae Yeon is rumored to be an outcast on Produce48
Lee Ga Eun, “Don’t go”

(The original post has 1080 upvotes and 84 downvotes)

Source: Pann

[+272, -9] They said they would pick the least necessary member, but then they chose Lee Chae Yeon pfffff. She is the top in dancing and is also good at singing pfff. I feel so sorry for Lee Chae Yeon for the whole Yue-Sta-Ple (Yuehua, Starship, Pledis) thing (Produce48 is rumored to have biased treatment for trainees from these companies).

[+209, -8] To me, Lee Ga Eun always looked very mean and dark when she was active as a girl group member. She has a look of a middle-aged woman who has gone through all kind of hardships. Very gloomy and dreary.

[+200, -3] When I watched the program I was asking myself what they were doing, too. They said they would pick the least helpful trainee, but then decided to eliminate the leader out of the team? Even Lee Chae Yeon, the top dancer? You should be careful with your decisions, girls.

[+180, -15] They will skip all the Pledis trainees in the future. Didn’t Heo Yoon Jin take the stage for herself?

[+177, +8] What is that pathetic thing you are doing in front of your juniors when you are already 25 years old?

[+158, -2] The Japanese girl next to her actually cared about Chae Yeon a lot. Why was a person from another country nicer to her than you? That Japanese trainee seemed to be a kind person.

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