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ILLIT Members Open Up About Coping with Malicious Comments

On JTBC’s 'Knowing Bros,' ILLIT member Minju opened up about her concerns regarding malicious comments.

On May 25th, JTBC’s entertainment show ‘Knowing Bros’ featured ILLIT members Yunah, Minju, Moka, Wonhee, and Iroha sharing their recent worries.

ILLIT’s Wonhee responded to the question about recent worries, saying, “Since my trainee period was short, I feel like I have to be more careful. I make a lot of mistakes, so it’s worrying.”

Following this, Minju confessed, “I have a slightly weak mental state, so when I see comments, I tend to get deeply affected.” Lee Soo-geun advised, “It’s better not to see them. Even if there are 100 compliments, if there’s one negative comment, don’t focus on that. It would be better to put more meaning into comments of praise and support.” 

Knowing Bros Wonhee

Kim Hee-chul and Shin Dong-yup added, “It’s difficult because we’re human. Even if thousands of people are sending hearts, if one person is cursing, that’s all you see.” They expressed pity, saying, “Some people intentionally come to fan meetings to spit, and some tear up autographs afterward. But if you pay attention to that, you’ll crumble.”

Moka also revealed that she sometimes goes through difficult times due to malicious comments. Moka said, “I don’t necessarily get hurt by the comments themselves, but sometimes when I’m on stage, those comments come to mind and it’s tough. I’m wondering how to overcome that.” To this, Shin Dong-yup sincerely advised, “You can only show your skills. Just prepare hard and show that you’re doing well.” This heartfelt advice moved everyone.

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