“Burning Sun” Victim Forced To Take Nude Photo Despite Kneeling Down And Begging

Although only a few victims had the courage to give testimonies about the Burning Sun Scandal, their stories were heartbreaking enough

After BBC released the documentary “Burning Sun: Exposing the secret K-pop chat groups”, the Burning Sun Scandal became a hot topic again. Apart from exposing the crimes of former BIGBANG member Seungri and his friends through stories told by reporters, the production team also conducted interviews with a victim.

In particular, reporter Ko Eun-sang revealed that a VIP guest could request a random woman he picked at the club, and “Burning Sun” employee would do anything to make that woman unconscious then give her to the VIP.

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Following reporter Ko, a victim also took the courage to tell about her bad experience there. She said, “When I went to Burning Sun, we would get a table for ourselves, all girls. It was after I’d had one or two drinks, perhaps? I went to the toilet with my friend and said, ‘I feel weird today, I’m getting drunk really quickly. I think I shouldn’t drink anymore’. Then we came back to our seats. But then suddenly I woke up on a bed with a man who had given me drinks at Burning Sun”.

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She continued, “Then he suddenly ran at me and forced my clothes off. I tried to scream but he covered my mouth and I tried not to get attacked. So I keep trying to get up, right? And from above, he kept sitting on me and pressing me down. Because I was screaming, he covered my mouth with both hands. He kept shoving me down, as if he was giving me CPR. I couldn’t breathe. My mouth hurt so much, but because he was sitting on me, my ribs were hurting too. However much I struggled, it didn’t work. So I gave up”.

The victim confessed, “I felt like he was going to kill me. I was in so much pain but he wouldn’t stop and he kept trying to do the deed. So I gave up and just lay there. I felt so sick so I grabbed the rubbish bin and vomited. Later, I knelt down on the floor and begged. I begged him to send me home and said I missed my mum so much. I just cried and begged. He said he’d let me go if I take a photo. He told me to smile but I couldn’t. I wanted to cover my face. Because he didn’t let me, I just made a peace sign then I rushed out but my memory of that is hazy.”

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Watching the victim recall her painful memory in the documentary, viewers once again poured harsh criticism on the perpetrators. They commented, “They are not humans, why could they choose women as if they are goods?”, “Those trashy guys. While they are still living well after getting released from prison, many women are still traumatized”, “I feel so bad for this girl and other victims”, “I wanna hug her so badly, I can’t imagine how much they’ve been through. I can’t stop crying after hearing the story”, etc.

Burning Sun was a nightclub in Gangnam, Seoul owned by Seungri. A few years ago, it was exposed to be the place where Seungri and his friends committed crimes such as illegal filming, prostitution, taking drugs, sexual assaults, etc. In particular, Seungri was found in a group chat hosted by male singer Jung Joon-young where they distributed illegal videos. Both Seungri and Jung Joon-young were imprisoned and have already finished serving their sentences.

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After 5 years, the “Burning Sun” documentary once again explained the crimes of Seungri and his friends to the public in more detail. It’s been 5 days since the release of the documentary but the Burning Sun Scandal is still a hot issue on social media.

Source: K14

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