From BLACKPINK to Jang Won Young Jang, Paris Fashion Week is filled with Kpop presence

The 2023 Paris Fashion Week welcomes various famous Kpop idols, who flaunt their impressive appearances and fashion sense. 

Recently, many Korean stars were invited to various famous brand fashion shows in Paris, and all shined in their own way. Currently, the 2023 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week is in progress, and several members of famous domestic girl groups are working as ambassadors for famous brands.

As Paris Fashion Week is the largest and most authentic among the world’s four major fashion weeks, their performances are also evaluated as a measure of the contribution of Korean popular culture to the global market.

The girl group members who visited Paris shared their splendid daily life all at once on Instagram. Fans’ enjoyment was also increased as famous idols headed to Paris Fashion Week and shared their experiences there.

Here is a collection of fashion, visuals, and Parisian landscapes shared by Kpop stars that will  delight your eyes.


All members of Kpop representative girl group BLACKPINK are working as ambassadors for different luxury brands. Jisoo attended Paris Fashion Week as Christian Dior’s ambassador, donning a black mini dress with fishnet stockings and making a point with Dior’s signature bag. In addition, the BLACKPINK member also showed off her impressive daily life via photos, one of which featuring her sitting under the sunlight next to a window overlooking the Pont Neuf bridge.

On the other hand, Chanel’s ambassador Jennie appeared at the Fashion Week in Chanel 2023 S/S collection’s matching dress and cardigan. Here, the female idol showed off her unique kitsch charm with a bold color printing outfit. The one-shoulder dress and neatly tied up ponytail hairstyle made Jennie’s smooth shoulder line stand out even more, and her nails, which are decorated with the Chanel logo, added fun to the look.

Finally, Saint Laurent’s ambassador Rosé decorated Paris Fashion Week with a black mini dress and high heels that showed off her slim body line. Rosé also flaunted a somewhat edgy atmosphere befitting her reputation of “Human Saint Laurent”. In addition, at the dinner party event of Saint Lauren, Rosé adorned an elegant gray off-the-shoulder dress, and showed an old-fashioned night view of Paris as if straight from a movie.

2. aespa

The entire group of aespa was selected as Givenchy’s ambassador in 2021, and made their appearances at Paris Fashion Week this year. In addition to formal event dresses in achromatic colors, aespa also boasted their fairy-like beauty with a variety of business and daily looks.

Member Karina showed off her slim legs in a black tube top dress. At night, she wore a boxy jacket to add a chic touch. Winter wore a gorgeous dress with black and white beads. She also matched her brown hair with a cropped jacket to complete a look that harmonizes with Paris’ autumn.

Giselle took a selfie with her unique sunglasses. She also gave off a hip vibe by matching a tweed marine cap with a puffer jacket and a glossy finish. Meanwhile, Ning Ning evoked a luxurious charm with a black long dress, a gorgeous necklace, and curled hair. On the other hand, in her daily life, she pursued a more comfortable fashion through a ball cap and wide denim jeans.

3. Yoona & Jang Won Young

SNSD (also known as Girls’ Generation) member Yoona and IVE member Jang Won Young attended Paris Fashion Week as ambassadors for the luxury brand Miu Miu. Although the two are ambassadors of the same brand, they added fun by expressing different vibes.

First, Yoona created a lovely atmosphere with a boxy red knit vest. Here, she showed a trendy styling by matching a low-waisted mini skirt and knee-high socks, which are the symbols of the recent Miu Miu collection. In line with the fashion week schedule, she even cut her bangs to complete a look that automatically brings out the word “Girls’ Generation.”

On the other hand, Jang Won Young appeared with a chic styling fitting of her title as hottest icon of the MZ generation. In particular, the female idol showed off a luxurious yet youthful look by matching a navy blue jacket with gold buttons and short denim pants. She balanced her fashion by giving a neat look with a white shirt and loafers and glamor with bold earrings. With her hip expression and attitude, Jang Won Young created a unique profound image.

4. Sandara Park

Sandara Park attended various Paris Fashion Week schedules such as Chloé, Balmain, Christian Louboutin, Vivienne Westwood, Rick Owens, and Courreges. For each schedule, Sandara Park showed different looks in accordance with each brand’s concept, showing her best fashionista side. She also left an impact with strong hairstyles that nobody but herself can successfully conquer.

Sandara Park’s daily looks also did not disappoint. In particular, the female idol showed a hip fashion sense by matching cargo pants with a rich fur jacket, combined with trendy and unique sunglasses. In addition, she created a natural charm with a boxy striped knitwear and no makeup face, and shared a dream-like daily life while lying in a hotel overlooking the Seine River in a rich puff dress.

Source: sports.khan

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