Celebrities’ Fashion Evaluation by Reporters: “Best Dresser” Park Eun-bin Vs. “Worst Dresser” Park Hye-soo

Here is the ranking of female stars’ fashion in the past week from BEST to WORSE selected by YTN reporters.

We can easily realize that autumn has come based on the fashion of celebrities. At the closing ceremony of the 27th Busan International Film Festival, which lasted for 10 days, one of the hottest issues would be the actors’ fashion. The past week has also been full of events by luxury brands in Korea and overseas, drawing keen attention from global fans.

This week’s “best dresser” chosen by YTN Star reporters is actress Park Eun-bin, who showed off her goddess beauty in a dress with a luxurious design and color at the Busan International Film Festival. On the other hand, actress Park Hye-soo, who appeared in the public for the first time after a while, became the “worst dresser” as her boring style left great regrets.

◆ BEST – Park Eun-bin

Reporter Kang Na-ri: Attorney Woo Young-woo returned to be a goddess! Her dress with sparkling golden color went well with her long straight hair that had been calmly laid down behind her back. The actress, who always wears plain suits in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” due to the nature of Woo Young-woo’s job, wowed everyone with her splendid transformation on the red carpet. She took advantage of her pure and elegant beauty well.

Reporter Gong Young-joo: Glittering pearls on Park Eun-bin’s dress made her look luxurious. This dress highlighted the visual of Park Eun-bin, who has white clear skin.

park eun bin

Reporter Kim Sung-hyun: Park Eun-bin won Best Actress Award at the Asian Content Awards with “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”. She visited Busan in such a beautiful dress that made us forget about her famous character Woo Young-woo. The dress curves that fall down gracefully seem to help Park Eun-bin’s charm shine even more.

◆ GOOD 1 – Jang Won-young

Reporter Kang Na-ri: Jang Won-young can perfectly pull off any kind of outfit with her mannequin-like body ratio. She also caught the eyes of reporters by flaunting her superior physique at Fashion Week. Jang Won-young’s look, which matched knee socks with shoes, further emphasized her lively charm.

Jang Won-young

Reporter Gong Young-joo: Jang Won-young attended the 2023 S/S Collection event of a brand in Paris, France. She combined her short denim pants with a navy jacket that has golden buttons to create a lovely but luxurious look.

Reporter Kim Sung-hyun: She always makes good use of her charms to look hip, but never too much. This time, Jang Won-young chose an outwear with four pockets, a white shirt, a denim skirt, and knee socks. She created a “wannabe look” for fans regardless of age or gender. 

◆ GOOD 2 – Jisoo

Reporter Kang Na-ri: Wearing Company C’s jewelry, Jisoo seems to have completed a harmonious look while minimizing other details of her outfit. The neat dress made her look more sophisticated, and the makeup with shades on the eyes was so elegant.

Jisoo cartier

Reporter Gong Young-joo: Jisoo attended the opening party of brand C. Her black-and-white jacket dress emphasized her sophisticated beauty. In the meantime, the unique and eye-catching jewelry and rings also played an important part in Jisoo’s luxury styling at the event.

Reporter Kim Sung-hyun: She looked flawless. She exuded a neat, sophisticated and elegant aura in such a simple outfit. Personally, this fashion presented by Jisoo, including her choice of necklaces and rings that highlight her beauty and style, is the most beautiful fashion I’ve seen in recent years.

◆ SOSO – Han Ji-min

Reporter Kang Na-ri: Her hair was cute and her outfit was also lovely, but the combination of these two is strangely out of style. Rather than sticking to the girlish concept, it would be nicer if she could change her costume a little bit.

han ji min

Reporter Gong Young-joo: Han Ji-min drew attention with her graceful and calm atmosphere at the production presentation for the TVing’s original series “Yonder”. However, if the length of her skirt was a little shorter, wouldn’t Han Ji-min’s charm and atmosphere have been better utilized?

Shin Ha-kyun Han Ji-min

Reporter Kim Sung-hyun: Her style is old and boring enough to make people feel like she’s going back in time. That’s Han Ji-min, so I wonder why she wore such an outfit.

◆ WORST – Park Hye-soo

Reporter Kang Na-ri: Is it because she has not appeared at public events for a long time? It’s a pity that her combination of a full-body dress and boots looked a little strange at such a festival because they all had calm and plain colors. It would look better as a work suit rather than an outfit to wear at an event where she shared talks with the audience.

Park Hye-soo

Reporter Gong Young-joo: This outfit made me feel frustrated. Especially, Park Hye-soo looked unsophisticated when matching a long dress with long boots.

Reporter Kim Sung-hyun: It seems like Park Hye-soo was very worried when standing in front of the public and the media after a long time. Her outfit was so boring as if she had forgotten that she was making a comeback.

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