(G)I-DLE Shuhua is into princess play amid controversy over speaking impolitely

(G)I-DLE Shuhua was into princess play, while she did not reveal her position on the controversy over speaking impolitely.

On June 5th, Shuhua posted several photos with the caption “Neverland ((G)I-DLE’s official fandom name), thank you so much for the last broadcast yesterday. We’re preparing hard. See you at the concert♥“.

The photos showed Shuhua wearing an off-shoulder dress and transforming into a gorgeous princess. Shuhua added loveliness with a colorful tiara and necklace. Shuhua’s pink dress blended well with her fair skin to double her “queencard” visual. However, Shuhua did not mention the recent controversy over speaking impolitely.


Shuhua recently appeared on “MMTG”. MC Jaejae mentioned (G)I-DLE’s representative song “HANN (Alone)” in the “Exploring (G)I-DLE’s greatest songs” corner and said, “Here Shuhua does the solo dance.” Shuhua’s solo dance video was then played. Jaejae wondered, “Were you thinking ‘This is my part! I’ll tear this up!’?” Shuhua answered without honorifics, “No, I felt pressure.” Yuqi was also bewildered, “You’re being so informal suddenly.” Jaejae continued the atmosphere gently, “Are we in the informal meeting room?

When Jaejae praised Shuhua “When you were in school, I heard you weren’t too popular. But she’s so pretty? You could call her the Shuhua bus”, Shuhua replied informally, “I was popular, but I didn’t care for it.


Jaejae recalled the “selfie” that Shuhua posted after eating spicy ramen in the past and asked, “Why did you post that messy pic? Because it looked like lipstick?” Shuhua made viewers doubt their eyes by saying, “What do you want me to do? I was in a good mood there. I was happy that I had a full stomach. So I decided to post that!

Although Shuhua is not good at Korean, netizens pointed out that her speaking informally to MC Jaejae crossed the line. Netizens criticized Shuhua’s attitude, “I think she should change her interview attitude“, “She crossed the line this time“…

Source: Nate

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