A Chinese remake of ‘Goblin’? “Please don’t ruin it…”

Rumors about the Chinese remake of the Korean blockbuster “Goblin” are taking the local’s SNS by storm.

The rumors of the Chinese remake version of the hit K-Drama “Goblin” are being widely spread on many Chinese online forums. The Chinese remake version of ‘Goblin’ will be produced in 36 episodes, 45 minutes per episode. It is also rumored that the remake will appear on Netflix platform. The filming locations of the series are said to be Xiamen, Hainan, and Macau, China.

Sadly, most of the reactions from Chinese fans of the drama to these rumors are negative. Some of the comments from Chinese netizens: “Don’t ruin the best Korean drama,” “We don’t need it,” “I hope that this is not true,” “Please don’t do it.”, etc.  There are also many comments saying that this is fake news.


‘Goblin’, which aired on tvN in 2016, is the story between a grim reaper with amnesia, a goblin who needs a human bride to end his immortal life, and a girl with a ‘destined to die’ who claims to be the ‘goblin bride’. The hit drama was written by the famous script writer Kim Eun-sook.  The cast of the drama consists of many famous and talented actors and actresses such as Gong Yoo, Kim Go-eun, Lee Dong-wook, Yoo In-na, Yook Sung-jae,…

Source: Naver

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