Actress Kim Sae-ron is under investigation as she fled away after hitting a structure on the road when drunk driving

Kim Sae-ron (21 years old) has been arrested by the police for drunk driving.

On May 18th, the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul revealed that they are investigating Kim Sae-ron on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act. (Drunk Driving).

kim sae ron
Kim Sae Ron shows fans her driving in a video

According to reports from the police, the actress crashed into the substation along the intersection of Hakdong and Gangnam, causing it to be pushed away.at around 8 a.m today (May 18th). Witnesses said the impact was so strong that the front bumper of the actress’ car was also thrown out. The police were reportedly dispatched to the scene after receiving 6-7 reports that a vehicle was moving unsteadily.

kim sae ron
The scene of the accident

Arriving at the scene, the police conducted a breathalyzer test on Kim Sae-ron but they eventually moved to the hospital because she wanted to have a blood test. The police are investigating the exact details of this incident.

kim sae ron

Kim Sae-ron, who has been known since she was a child actress, is 21 years old. She became famous after appearing in the movie “The Man From Nowhere”. After growing up to become an adult actress, she continued to appear in various works and entertainment programs.

Source: wikitree

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