Nam Tae Hyun and girlfriend face arrest warrants for drug use, suspect interrogation tomorrow

Nam Tae Hyun and former “Heart Signal 3” cast member Seo Min Jae, are facing arrest warrants on charges of Philopon abuse.

According to a report by Channel A on May 17th, the Yongsan Police Station in Seoul applied the charges of violating the Act on the Control of Narcotics to Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Jae and requested arrest warrants. 

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The police reportedly collected hair samples from both Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Jae in September of last year and submitted them for analysis to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.

The court is scheduled to conduct a substantive examination of the warrants (interrogation of the suspects before arrest) for the two on the morning of May 18th.

The allegations of Philopon (meth) abuse by Nam Tae Hyun and Seo Min Jae first surfaced in August of last year. 

Seo Min-jae

Seo Min Jae stirred controversy by posting a photo on social media showing him and Nam Tae Hyun bumping heads and stating, “Nam Tae Hyun does philopon. I have the needle he used in my office cabinet. And he hit me.

In response, Nam Tae Hyun posted an apology statement on Instagram, saying, “I apologize to those who were surprised by yesterday’s situation. Although there was a conflict between lovers, we reconciled well. I am sincerely sorry to have caused concern to so many people due to personal issues.” However, he did not express any position regarding the allegations of drug abuse.

On March 23rd, Nam Tae Hyun was referred to the prosecution on charges of violating the Road Traffic Act. On March 8th, Nam Tae Hyun collided with a taxi while opening the door of his parked car on a road in Gangnam, Seoul. He was in a state of severe intoxication, bordering on license revocation, at the time of the police investigation.

On March 10th, Nam Tae Hyun posted a handwritten apology letter, stating, “I apologize for causing concern due to my mistake. There is no room for excuses for this mistake caused by reckless judgment, and I am deeply ashamed. I will reflect deeply, receive stern self-reproach for my wrongdoing. I am sorry.

Source: Daum

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