Kim Soo Hyun’s confusing appearance at the beginning of his career

Kim Soo Hyun was once considered a "product of plastic surgery" in the early years of his career.

Although Kim Soo Hyun took part in very few films and did not appear much in front of the media, he was still a top-notch actor of Korea for many years. Not only does he act naturally as well as having a very good taste in choosing scripts, he is also loved by his handsome appearance which fits to the Korean male beauty standard.

Looking at Kim Soo Hyun‘s admirable current images, few people would have known that when he first entered his career, he received much criticism for his poor appearance. Some people even said that his face didn’t look like a famous person’s. In his old movies, Kim Soo Hyun looks quite different from the present time, especially in the rather big nose. Even when he stormed the whole of Asia with the film “My Love From The Star”, Kim Soo Hyun was once called a “product of plastic surgery” by a Chinese newspaper. However, he completely denied this nickname.

Not only being criticized for his appearance, in the early years of Kim Soo Hyun’s career, he had struggled to prove himself. He started with taking supporting roles with little acting ground, and even failed at the casting of the movie “Boys Over Flower”. After 15 years of working in the profession, Kim Soo Hyun has had an excellent makeover, both in terms of appearance, ability and coverage. He went from an unknown actor who even had to be a lingerie model to an A-list star with a lucrative income whose name is well-known all over Asia.

Kim Soo Hyun in his latest drama – One Ordinary Day
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