RM (BTS), Lord of Lost Items has lost 10 AirPods and 3 Galaxy Buds so far

RM, who is known for his expertise in losing things, confessed that he lost a lot of expensive AirPods and Galaxy Buds.

On October 4, RM spent time interacting with fans on the Weverse.


One fan asked, “Oppa, how many buds have you lost?”

In response, RM opened up, “(In the past) my friend treated me as a fool because I said ‘I lost 34 AirPods’, it’s not fair.  “

BTS RM instagram

RM continued, “Actually, I lost 10 Galaxy buds already. I’m so sad.”

BTS fans recalled the cuteness of what he said during a livestream in 2019, “I think this is my 34th Airipod.”

Although 10 is not a small number, fans burst out laughing at RM’s regret when he didn’t make it past 34.

RM also revealed the number of missing Galaxy Buds.

BTS RM instagram

RM announced, “I received a lot of new earbuds, so I didn’t lose them much. About three.”

RM is famous for being a perfect singer on stage but is completely different in real life because of his clumsiness.

Sometimes, he attracts fans with cute little mistakes, such as losing his passport on a plane or going to find the sunglasses he’s wearing around his neck.


Meanwhile, BTS has won a record of winning 4 major awards and 5 gold medals at ‘The Fact Music Awards’ in 2021 just held.

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