The More Miserable Park Min-Young Is, The More “Marry My Husband” Manager Kim Stands Out As A Villain

Actor Kim Joong-hee has played minor roles in the films “Salut d’Amour” (2015), “Taste of Love” (2015), “The Drug King” (2018), and the supporting roles in “Operation Chromite” (2016) and “The Battleship Island” (2017), and was notable in “Hero” (2022) and “Phantom” (2023).

Kim Joong Hee

He was cast as a minor role in the movie “Marrying the Mafia 4” and began acting in 2011, impressing the viewers with his Japanese skills. He also caught the attention of viewers by playing an evil scene stealer in the drama “Mr. Sunshine” (2018). He has established himself as an actor with solid acting skills in “Cobweb” (2023) and “Noryang: Deadly Sea” (2023). Impressed with his mad smile and different tones for each role, he often creates various characters within the narrow range of Japanese characters.

marry my husband
marry my husband

In the recently aired tvN drama “Marry My Husband” (2024), he plays the role of Kim Kyung-wook, the boss of Kang Ji-won (Park Min-young). Kim Kyung-wook provokes the anger of viewers by always opposing Kang Ji-won’s opinion. Kim Joong-hee succeeded in showing a villain who harassed the main character. His presence shines brighter the more his character harasses Ji-won. Kim Joong-hee’s acting takes up a large part. Kim even paid attention to the details of his clothes and props. He is creating a clear contrast with Park Min-young, instilling depth in “Marry My Husband.”

Source: OSEN

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