Is BLACKPINK Lisa Breaking Up with Celine?

Lisa, who represents Celine globally, might be ending her contract with the brand. This could be seen as a positive sign for Lisa’s fans who have been getting tired of how Celine promotes its ambassador.

At first, Lisa and Celine worked great together. She had lots of projects and people loved seeing her with the brand. But lately, it’s been different. Some big names like V from BTS and Park Bo Gum showed up, and Lisa’s relationship with Celine started to go down.

Fast forward to 2024, and Lisa’s appearances in Celine’s attire have noticeably dwindled. Instead, she has been spotted donning Dior at various events. Most recently, upon landing in Singapore, Lisa confidently sported a hat and LV bag, suggesting a shift away from Celine. While one might argue that Lisa’s affiliation with LVMH could warrant cross-brand usage, her recent Instagram posts showcasing a Hermes bag contradict this assumption, as Hermes is not under the LVMH umbrella.

Moreover, while Celine rolls out campaigns for its women’s collection, Lisa’s absence is conspicuous, with no promotional posts on her social media, fueling speculation of an impending split after a four-year association.

Recent rumors suggest Lisa’s participation in a Paris fashion show. So, which designer’s show will she attend?

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