BLACKPINK Lisa’s impact on Celine is so great that she gets her own “Lisa bag”

No one can deny Lisa’s influence on Celine products!  That’s why Hedine Slimane – the brand’s creative director adores her so much.

In 2020, Lisa (BLACKPINK) was personally appointed by the legendary designer Hedi Slimane as the luxury brand’s first global ambassador in Celine’s 75-year history. This is not a vain title, but a confirmation of Lisa’s great influence in the fashion industry.


The importance of the female idol was once again confirmed when in mid-September 2020, Vogue mentioned Lisa in an article, stating that she was “The first person to wear the Ava in Slimane’s heritage print”. Since then, Lisa has been constantly spotted with the Ava bag. It’s like they’re inseparable.

Vogue wrote about the Thai female idol

The high frequency of Lisa’s carrying the Ava bag, combined with the irresistible charm of a true “trend-setter” are what help Lisa become the soul of this timeless Celine’s bag. So instead of calling this “Ava bag”, Lisa’s fans even decided to change its name to “Lisa bag”.

In a short interview with Complex, in response to the question “What is your favorite vintage item?”, Lisa shared: “I like all vintage but, but my favorite bag is..  hmm I don’t know, the one called ‘Lisa bag’!”. Perhaps even the female idol herself has to admit her huge impact on the products of Celine?

Lisa forgot the name, so she could just call it “Lisa bag”!

Celine Spring/Summer 2021 fashion show achieved a total of 4.7 million USD MIV and in which, the Thai female idol contributed 1.4 million USD through her endorsing posts on Instagram.

Source: K14

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